SS President Coolidge

SS President Coolidge - A visual tour from bow to stern.

Another DVD by Mike Macaulay. 60 minutes of video compiled together after over 80 dives, accompanied by background music. The President was built to be America's entrance into luxury passenger shipping. While viewing this DVD you'll visit the statue of what has become known as "The Lady" now resting on deck 'C' and also the three story Main Lobby still lit today by an array of skylights with its intact water fountain. Swim through the halls where the likes of Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur walked to the Dining Halls, Japanese Bath, Beauty Salon, Swimming Pool and Soda Fountain. These halls are chaotic with equipment and personal items from 5000 troops plus crew. Go to the debris on the ships hull left by the salvagers and on the sea floor where gun placements added for her war time duty now rest. This DVD is multi standard all region.

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