Alpine Hunting in New Zealand

Top hunting writers Roger Lentle and Frank Saxton have come together again to produce another classic of hunting literature.

The first comprehensive guide to hunting tahr and chamois in the New Zealand mountains. It is just what every keen shooter needs to meet the ultimate hunting challenge and secure a once in a lifetime Himalayan tahr or chamois trophey.Following the winning formula of their previous hunting books, Lentle and Saxton have drawn together a diverse range of information about tahr and chamois, using scientific research, the knowledge and experience of local hunters, explanatory diagrams and a lively informative text. The book also provides an introduction to mountaineering skills and the specialised gear necessary for high altitude hunting, as well as a section on hunting deer in alpine country. All this is spiced with exciting yarns and  superb photographs providing an essential reference to hunting in New Zealand.

Hard cover, 132 pages.

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