The Great Liners

The Great Liners of P&O and Orient Lines

P&O gave producer Des Cox access to their rare archive film material to make this video possible, some of which hadn't been out of the cans for almost 50 years. From the archives of the two great shipping lines- The Peninsular & Oriental Steam navigation Co. and the Orient Line - comes this unique record of eight great liners. For a generation after World War II, before air travel became standard, these giants brought Continents together. Nostalgic ships' names - Chusan, Himalaya, Orcades, Oronsay, Arcadia, Oriana, Orsova and finally Canberra - are seen at sea and in port, above and below decks. This is a treasury for those who served and sailed on the Great Liners.

Available PAL only. Approx 55 minutes.

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