The Great Liners Part 6

The British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd

On this DVD we take a look at the ships and people of the British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.

This London based company retained the enormous network of passenger and cargo ships serving even the smallest ports east of Suez. British India was always the quiet member of the shipping world, shunning the spotlight so eagerly sought by the more glamorous, high profile Atlantic liners, but she was a very special company and millions of poeple all over the world fondly remember her classic ships, special service and often obscure ports which she so faithfully served.

In this episode, with the use of very rare film, we take you right back to the early 1920's to sail from London's Royal Docks aboard the old SS Malda on a long voyage east. We also sail aboard the Dunera, Rajula, Chantala, Nevasa, Kenya, Uganda as well as seeing the construction, launching and sea-trials of the Waroonga.

The programme ends with rare film showing many more of the ships that served that company during the 1940's - 1970's.

Available PAL only. Approx 58 minutes.

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