The Great Liners Part 7

Around the Cape - Ellerman Lines and Union Castle

In this episode we sail aboard some ships that once serviced Union-Castle's intermediate services out of London, Kenya Castle, Rhodesia Castle and the Braemar Castle, on their fascinating voyages through Suez and all around Africa.
As well as seeing the old ports just as they used to be, this DVD also contains spectacular passing sea shots as other great Union-Castle liners steam past breathtakingly close, sounding their sirens to the great excitement of all aboard.
We also take a look at one of the Union-Castles greatest rivals, Ellerman Lines and sail aboard two of their most majestic liners, the City of Durbani and the City of Port Elizabeth as well as aboard some of their handsome cargo ships on voyages around the world.

Available PAL only. Approx 58 minutes.

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