The Great Liners Part 8

Echoes of the Mersey

There is hardly a family in or around the Mersey that wasn't involved with shipping in one way or another.

This DVD magically recreates those halcyon days from the turn of the century to the late 1960's when the river Mersey and it's ports were the stage for one of the world's most exciting maritime shows.

There are the ships of Cunard, White Star, Canadian Pacific, Harrison, Blue Funnel, PSNC, Elder Dempster, Lamport & Holt, Palm Line, Bibby Line, Anchor Line to mention but a few, plus a myriad of small coasters tugs and other river craft that once helped to make the Mersey such an exciting place to be.

We also sail in a wartime convoy aboard the Duchess of Richmond / Empress of Canada and on voyages aboard the Lancastria, Brittanic and others, as well as watch the final sailing of the ill-fated Lusitania from New York in 1915.

Available PAL only. Approx 58 minutes.

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