The Tragedy of the Boyd

A Story of mistaken identity and revenge, against a background of early and uneasy contact between Maori and European.

The Boyd is ransacked and wrecked while in Whangaroa Harbour, and the passengers and crew are killed and eaten as an act of utu by Te Puhi's people.

Then tragically, in a case of mistaken identity, not Te Puhi but, a chief called Te Pahi and the people of his village are massacred by a band of whalers taking the law into their own hands.

This 20 minute episode of the award winning Greenstone Pictures series 'Shipwreck' has been made available as part of the 200th anniversary of the event in December 2009. Proceeds of the sale of the DVD, go directly to New Zealand Underwater Heritage Group Inc, to help fund additional research about the history of the ship Boyd, and the recent survey work undertaken showing what is left of the ship in Whangaroa Harbour today.

Available in PAL 4x3 format only.

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