Campbell Island 1955-1956 1958-1960

George Poppleton's personal account of his time at Campbell Island, in New Zealand's sub antarctic.

Restless and unsettled after returning from Korea, the opportunity to work as expedition leader on a meteorological station in the subantarctic was the adventure George Poppleton was looking for.
His frank account of three years on Campbell Island describes how small communities of men survived on an isolated and often inhospitable island. For George the experience was far more then he expected. As he says:
“I actually found myself as a man down there. Before then I’d just pissed around with my life…I never wanted responsibility. Down there – that first year – I learnt the meaning of the word.”
234 pages with some colour and black & white photos, plus some sketchings.

Some of the proceeds from this sale will go towards the next Raoul / Campbell reunion.

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